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Welcome to our website

Our house is full of children and pets. Our children grow up taking care of dogs, a Chinese soft-shell turtle, sea aquarium, and of course, cats.

And how did it start?

Our first cat showed up at our house after the wedding - a small black and white ball Lincoln. Grew up together with our son and daughter. When Lincoln got older, we decided to bring home a new young kitten. We could not just decide which one ...
Once at the show and saw the Bengal cat .... so it began. We have felt in love.

We searched long and all over the world. At the least our cat was born in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam in the elite breeding that specializes in obtaining rosette, wild looking kittens with wonderfully sweet nature.
Now we are continue - great brown bengals with beautiful rosettes and amaizing glitter.

Healthy, funny well socialized rised with our love.

Malgorzata and Sebastian Jankowski